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Since 2005, Elastic Communications & Events has produced a wide variety of successful and memorable gatherings.
Whether you are holding a team meeting with a select number of attendees, an international conference with hundreds of guests, or a celebration of an important milestone or achievement – we manage all the details and create an exciting and engaging experience for you and your guests.

A senior team dedicated to your event.
Our award-winning team of senior program managers works with you from start to finish to ensure consistency and to gain a thorough understanding of what you aim to achieve. Then we gather an exceptional group of industry professionals together – designers, producers, writers and technical directors – to make sure your event runs like clockwork, stays on budget, and captures the audience’s attention and imagination.

We are pros at stretching everything from budgets to imaginations.™
Whatever your event size, location, and requirements, we find the perfect venue, create the right atmosphere, deliver on-time, and search out innovative and creative ways to make your event truly one-of-a-kind.

Consistent Contact

Once you give the go-ahead, the same team that begins work on your program will see it through to completion. This means a consistent contact for you, venues and suppliers: in advance and on-site.

Creative Solutions

Never static – always looking for innovative ways to make your event an original. Our clients benefit from our exceptional industry alliances – we are always seeking new resources that will make your event truly unique.

Industry Experts

We are an award-winning team of passionate meeting professionals who are committed to the industry. Our team is active in Industry Associations which provides us continuous professional development education & relationship building opportunities with key suppliers.

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"It is a unique skill to communicate the big picture while managing the smaller details so effectively, getting a diverse group of people to work together and handle challenges with diplomacy and tact."

Kathryn Wakefield

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Site Selection

Our experience working on global conferences and events of all sizes has given us a wide range of international contacts as well as the practical know-how needed to find the perfect location and venue for you. We carry out an exhaustive and unbiased hotel and resort site search and accompany you on site inspections. We also negotiate contracts on your behalf that deliver value and exceptional benefits and services.

You can choose to include site selection as a stand-alone service, or as part of the entire package of services we provide for your meeting.

Project Management

We start with a needs assessment to determine your specific goals and objectives, and research your organization’s history and current issues, as well as hot topics in your industry. We then create a solid plan that organizes, schedules and delegates tasks – and most importantly – takes as much work off your plate as possible!

We develop a critical path and budget, which are reviewed and updated on a continuous basis to keep your event on-time and on-budget. We also create a special Operations Manual where we incorporate all event elements into one comprehensive document, including room set-ups, food and beverage, audio-visual requirements, run sheets, and supplier information.

Communication is crucial for a successful event, so we keep our partnership strong with both face-to-face meetings and telephone and video conferences to discuss important issues, prioritize action items and determine responsibility and deadlines.

Online Registration Management

We design and build an online registration system that matches your needs and budget. We then manage all your pre-event registration and can also provide an online merchant account and payment gateway if required. Best of all – you do not need to install any software or assign staff to the registration process. We take care of it all!

We capture a variety of attendee information, including session choices, dietary restrictions, sizing for attire giveaways, tours and other off-site activities – and we manage all updates, changes and cancellations. We also respond to all attendee inquiries via email or telephone, and provide you with monthly, weekly or daily registration reports. This cost-effective, paperless registration system is not only good for the environment, it reduces administration costs, eliminates duplications, and ensures accuracy.

Logistics and Venue Management

We take care of all aspects of venue management, including food and beverage, accommodations, meeting room set-up, audio-visual requirements and production, and print collateral and design. Even before your attendees arrive we meet with all partners on-site to ensure all last minute updates have been communicated and we are ready to welcome your attendees. Once your event gets underway, we are there with you on-site making sure everything runs smoothly, your attendees have an enjoyable and productive experience, and you reach your desired goals.

Speaker management

Leave all the speaker details to us. We manage it all – from sourcing the most interesting, relevant and exciting keynote, welcome and guest speakers, to agenda development and post-conference survey feedback. We take responsibility for all speaker communication and management, including deadlines, compensation, registration and accommodation, print materials, room and audio-visual set-ups and session supplies, as well as the collection of speaker bios, abstracts and session information for inclusion in the program guide.

On-site, Elastic coordinates daily room set-ups and flips, session and speaker material placement, and troubleshoots any cancellations that may happen. Additionally, we coordinate the collection of session evaluations and process real-time results.

Sponsor management

Sponsorship – both monetary and in-kind – can be critical to your event’s success. We have extensive experience with event sponsorship and a track history of successfully achieving and exceeding sponsorship targets. We offer suggestions for enhancement of revenue and/or benefits and can identify and recruit new prospects. This includes in-kind sponsorship suppliers that can increase the value of your conference, such as airline, hotel, décor and entertainment providers and many more.

We take the lead on sponsorship solicitation, negotiation and contracting. We are skilled at managing the important relationship between event sponsors and you. As sponsors are contracted, we represent your needs while attending to the needs of each sponsor to ensure their sponsor benefits are fulfilled.

Once on-site, we not only look after the needs of all sponsors, we take the opportunity to ensure sponsors see value in their investment and are eager to support you in the future. It is our role to ensure a positive experience for all sponsors! And following the conference we can coordinate all thank yous and gather sponsor feedback.

Exhibit management

We arrange all exhibit show logistical details, including selecting and managing an exhibition services provider and overseeing exhibit décor, audio-visual services and freight. We set exhibitor policies, manage and process registration, assist in the development of booth layout and assignments, and ensure all exhibitor benefits are fulfilled. Elastic is also responsible for all exhibitor communication concerning logos, advertisements and materials.

On-site, Elastic efficiently manages shipping, freight and set-up of the exhibit area. Post-event, we provide a detailed report on exhibit feedback and recommendations.

Marketing, printed materials and website content

Marketing and promotion is essential to create awareness, boost attendance and generate revenue for your event. Based on our extensive experience, we know what compelling information should be included in your marketing plan – such as location, activities and other critical selling points. We also review your previous marketing efforts and look for opportunities to enhance results.

The sophisticated event website and registration system that we create for you also provides powerful event marketing and communication features, including detailed invitations, response-driven confirmations and email alerts to keep attendees informed before, during and after the event. In addition, we consult on the schedule so that attendance targets are met and your event is positively positioned to stakeholders.

Elastic also manages the design and production of dynamic and exciting event marketing and communications pieces to align with the event theme and objectives. This includes both printed and electronic versions of programs, signage, and any other materials.

green initiatives

To do our part to protect our environment, Elastic includes green practices and sustainability in our everyday responsibilities. This includes producing all minutes and reports electronically, and conducting as many meetings as possible via conference call, or by online VOIP service. The result is green, flexible and user-friendly results in real time that save you money while helping protect our trees and environment. We also actively seek out hotels and venues that have implemented green initiatives and policies.

  • We can request lights and electricity be turned off when not in use and ensure recyclable containers are conveniently placed throughout the facility.
  • Food and Beverage is one of the largest elements of any conference and can play a significant role in making it a greener event. By choosing menu items and ingredients produced locally within a 100-mile radius, your event will consume 17 times less oil and gas than a typical menu. Additionally, using a water station instead of bottled water is also a great way to stay green.
  • Audio-visual components can also contribute to a greener conference. Electronic signage vs. foam core printed signage reduces solid waste.
  • Carbonzero is a Canadian carbon offsets company that helps consumers and businesses neutralize their carbon footprint through clean energy projects that prevent greenhouse gas emissions. Using the Carbon Emissions Calculator, events can calculate the overall total of greenhouse gas emissions used for an entire event or specific element. Credits can be purchased to then neutralize the footprint of the event. The largest carbon generator of any event is transportation of attendees – both air and ground.
  • Elastic is diligent when conducting daily tasks on-site during the conference. We reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. Some examples include reusing on-site materials [i.e. envelopes, boxes, signs and paper, etc.], distributing conference materials electronically or via an mobile app, and providing reusable conference bags for delegates.

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Yvonne Dewar, CMP

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Jessica Small

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We are aligned with professionals who help us achieve our client’s goals. We pride ourselves on our long-term industry relationships with valued partners.

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